Reporting Analytics

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The Industry report serves to visually benchmark how Individual Locations are ranked in comparison to those of all competitors in the same industry. Visualized as a trend line the Industry Report also allows viewers to track their overall rank over time with benchmarking parameter wise.
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Our shoppers fill and submit all the surveys online allowing the data to be entered directly into our system. It also catches out missing answers in the shopper surveys and immediately highlight the problem areas to the shoppers.
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Our reporting system includes tools like spell check along with that it requires the shoppers to mention detailed experiences in the survey.
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It supports multiple tools for distributing surveying results to you. You are notified whenever a new shop is ready for viewing. Then Thousands of reports can be compiled into one PDF as well.
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Shoppers are pre screened according to your criteria for each each shop and keeping the demographics in mind. The statistics of each shoppers are displayed which allows us to decide on the best shopper for any given shop.
After allotment, the shoppers are automatically emailed all the necessary guidelines to perform their shop.
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The Client Dashboard is a very powerful visual presentation of multiple performance indicators with lot many graphs as per client needs. The Client Dashboard is the perfect tool for Top management to have a look at overall picture of the company in one click.
  • With easy, drag-and-drop, Print, View user-based customization capabilities, the Client Dashboard is the ultimate top-management reporting tool.
  • The ability to zoom graphs, Add Snippets allows you to get a magnified view or simply export to a PowerPoint presentation for an executive meeting.
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Live and Real time Flash View Tool The Geospatial Analysis Portal is a unique feature in our analytical platform, enabling data visualization based on geographical Countries regions/districts/locations/Cities or any other company-specific organizational structures which is totally customizable as per client needs/requirement.. Multiple charts of the same type can be opened in the same report and each chart can be moved to a different position or resized for better visualization
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This brand new Reporting Tool will allow you to visualize your Business Structure in order to aggregate and instantly analyze results from the current or previous campaign on any level.
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Rebranding your organization's dashboard is now available within the system. As you will see you can deliver a completely customized user experience to emphasize the individuality and strength of your company. We can completely customize this tool as per client needs. Our New Client Analytics are specially designed to provide you with a unique, contemporary and fully personalized client website starting from a custom login page. Now you can easily change the standard website appearance according to your needs and give staff direct access to the latest generation of reporting tools.
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The Aggregate Service Excellence Report is designed to be delivered at different organizational levels - regional managers, area managers, unit type, etc. Its main objective is to deliver comprehensive and easy to follow and read performance analysis, by displaying the performance results in the context of organizational objectives, past performance and in comparison with peers. It also identifies the most critical performance areas (Attention Areas) and explains how focusing on these areas will affect overall results. The report can be scheduled for automated email delivery at a certain date, or after all jobs within the organizational level are completed. The Aggregate Service Excellence Report is fully customizable, allowing you to build your own custom Aggregate Service Excellence Reports giving your client a unique report matching their corporate style:
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Our reporting system has the capability of creating your forms according to your requirements.